Important Things To Know About Massachusetts Workers Compensation 

Important things to know about Massachusetts workers compensation

Workers compensation law, like with other areas of law, is filled with a unique language that many people are unfamiliar with.  If you were hurt at work, you suddenly will be hearing some words and phrases that are new to you.  Here are some of the most common words and phrases you may encounter while your case is ongoing:

Average Weekly Wage – This is the gross amount of wages you earned for 52 weeks prior to your work accident.  This amount is divided by 52 to arrive at your average weekly wage.  This number will determine the amount of your weekly workers compensation check.

Temporary Total Disability – This is a temporary total inability to work.  It is not a permanent restriction, but rather a temporary one.  This disability means you will receive 60% of your average weekly wage.

Temporary Partial Disability – This means you are partially unable to work, but you do have a work capacity.  This temporary partial disability means you will receive 75% of your temporary total disability benefit rate.

Lump Sum – This is a settlement of a work injury case. A lump sum is either on a with liability basis (future medical bills will be paid), or without liability (future medical bills will not be paid).

Department of Industrial Accidents – This is the Massachusetts administrative court system that handles workers compensation disputes. This court has five branches in Massachusetts (Boston, Lawrence, Worcester, Springfield, Fall River).

Without Prejudice – This is when, for six months after your work accident, the workers comp insurance company can pay you weekly benefit checks, without accepting liability for the injury.

Independent Medical Exam – Sometimes called an IME, this is a required medical exam you must attend, which is scheduled and paid for by the workers compensation insurance company.  They will provide transportation free of charge to and from the appointment if you request it.

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