The Approach Taken By Insurance Companies With Low-Impact Auto Crashes

Kudos to for injecting into the public discussion a topic that has been ignored for too long.  The article exposes the travesty of how auto accident victims in low-impact motor vehicle accidents are being "low-balled" by big, powerful insurance companies.  Many Massachusetts residents are involved in low-impact motor vehicle accidents each year.  These accidents can cause very serious injuries to those involved.

Well, the insurance industry does not think so.  They believe that personal injuries do not and cannot arise from low-impact accidents.  That is ridiculous because it has been scientifically proven that low-impact accidents do cause severe neck, back and shoulder injuries.

The article also highlights the bargaining disparity that exists between claims adjusters and accident victims that do not have counsel.  This is why I stress to people not to handle your Massachusetts auto accident claim on your own.  The only way the claims adjuster will take you seriously is if you have an attorney handling your claim.  It is only then that the adjuster will realize that if he/she does not put reasonable settlement money on the table, litigation will ensue.