Elderly Taxi Driver Victim of Road Rage Incident 

An 86-year old disabled taxi driver was assaulted in a road rage incident involving a man from Newton.  According to police, the driver from Newton, apparently upset with the taxi driver, cut off his motor vehicle and exited his vehicle.  He then struck the elderly man, and fled the scene.

The elderly man was injured as a result and transported to Massachusetts General Hospital.  The alleged culprit would soon be arrested and later arraigned in East Boston District Court.

The road rage victim if he chooses may file a workers compensation claim as he was injured during the course and scope of his employment.  This claim would be made in order for him to have his medical bills paid, as well as lost wages (if at least 5 days from work are missed).

This is an especially sad case as the victim was elderly and disabled.  Road rage is never acceptable and those that commit this offense should always be held fully accountable.

Sometimes insurance companies do not provide bodily injury coverage when personal injuries occur in these situations.  They argue the standard Massachusetts auto insurance policy does not require them to provide coverage when personal injuries are caused by intentional as opposed to negligent conduct.  Further, they argue road rage is not related to the use or occupancy of the vehicle, which bars coverage.