STOP! Don’t Sign That Release!

Following your Massachusetts injury, you will probably get a call and/or a letter from the insurance company that insures the person(s) that caused your injuries.  The insurance adjuster will tell you that your injuries are not severe, and that you are not entitled to very much money for your claim.  The adjuster will eventually try to get you to sign a full and final settlement release.  DO NOT SIGN THE RELEASE! 

The release will contain language that will forever bar you from suing the person(s) that caused your injuries, as well as the insurance company.  By signing the settlement release, you are effectively sounding the death knell on your claim.  Have a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer look over the release so you understand what you are signing and what you are giving up.  Do not let the insurance company come at you with a low ball first offer and then try to shove a settlement release in your face.

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