Steps To Take After A Workers Compensation Accident

Accidents at work happen much too frequently.  Shockingly, in the United States, every 7 seconds a worker is injured on-the-job.  If you are one of these unlucky victims, knowing what to do after the accident is vital.  Taking the right steps means you won’t be losing out on any benefits you are entitled to.   Here are some important steps to take after a workers compensation accident that can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim:

Report The Accident

One of the most important things to do immediately after the accident is to report the accident to your supervisor.  Report exactly what happened, how it happened, etc.  Any delays in reporting what happened can only serve to hurt your workers compensation claim.

steps to take after a workers compensation accident

File An Incident Report

This ties in with reporting the accident.  Make sure the employer files an incident report as well.  By reporting as many details as possible to the employer, provides for a more thoroughly documented incident report.  If you miss at least five days from work, your employer must file a Form 101 with its workers compensation insurer, as well as with the Department of Industrial Accidents.

Obtain Prompt Medical Treatment

Be sure to seek appropriate medical attention.  Make sure to also tell the medical personnel exactly what happened, and most importantly, that the accident was the cause of the injuries.  Also, if your doctors don’t want you to work, make sure you receive a disability note that says you are disabled from working, due to your work accident.  Please know you can go to any doctors you choose to go to.  You do not have to go to doctors your employer wants you to go to.  However, you do need to go to an Independent Medical Exam that your employer’s insurance company may schedule for you.

Consult A Workers Compensation Attorney

If you had a work accident and don’t know what do next, contact our office.  We are workers compensation lawyers that will guide your hand through this process.  Plus, we don’t get paid unless your case settles.  Call today for the help you need.  Consultations are always free at our office.

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