Some Sobering Statistics About Dog Bites

I have posted many times on this blog about dog bites.  Although many people may not be aware, there are staggering statistics on the incident of dog bites in this country.  I came across the Cameron Herald which published a story today that reveals some chilling facts about dog bites.  Here are a few excerpts from the article:

  • There are approximately 4.5 million reported dog bites annually in the United States. (Nearly two percent of the American population). The majority of dog bites are never reported to local authorities. The majority of victims are children. According to the American Medical Association, dog bites are the second leading cause of childhood injury.   
  • Approximately 20 people die every year as a result of a dog attack in the United States. The Majority of the victims are children. In the U.S., pit bulls make up one to three percent of the overall dog population and cause more than 50 percent of serious attacks.
  • Of the estimated 4.7 million people who were bitten by dogs in 1994, 800,000 sought medical care. Of these, 332,000 needed treatment in emergency room and 6,000 were hospitalized. The average hospital stay for a dog-bite injury was 3.6 days.