Some Advice for Massachusetts Dog Bite Victims

It is very important that Massachusetts dog bite victims be informed about what they can do to protect their rights.  I came across the following from a great blog authored by Providence, Rhode Island personal injury attorney Mark B. Decof which provides solid personal injury information.  Here it is:

"* Obtain immediate emergency treatment, giving the medical provider a detailed account of the attack.

* Immediately notify the police and your local animal control department of the attack and insist that a report be completed and the dog be checked for disease and whether it is vicious, to prevent injuries to others.

* Take numerous, detailed photographs (close-ups) or a video of your injuries.

* Do not discuss the dog bite attack or your medical condition with any representative of the insurance company for the dog owner, until you have consulted with an attorney.

* Contact a lawyer with experience in handling dog bite cases."

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