Some Advice About Cross-Examination in a Personal Injury Case

If your case does not settle, you may be headed to a jury trial, which means the defense attorney representing the insurance company will be cross-examining you in court.  Here are 10 tips to make this oftentimes stressful experience a little bit easier:

1) Always tell the truth;

2) Never guess;

3) Always show respect to the judge, the jury, and the defense attorney asking you the questions;

4) Don't be afraid to look at the jury;

5) Remain calm and collected;

6) Just be yourself;

7) Dress up as though you were going for a job interview;

8) Remember that your attorney will have the chance to ask you some follow-up questions;

9) Don't be afraid to make a mistake;

10) Don't get too comfortable with the defense attorney, even when it seems as though he/she is being overly friendly toward you.