How Social Media Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Case

How social media can wreck your personal injury case

Today millions and millions of people have social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms have gained wide traction with nearly all age groups throughout the world. While social media has many beneficial uses, it does not help in any way when an accident victim posts about their case on social media.

The reason is that once you file a claim for personal injuries, both the insurance company and even their lawyers will be scouring your social media accounts.  They do this to find your posts or photos that cast doubt on the legitimacy of your claimed injuries.

For example, suppose you injure your back in a car accident and you file a claim with an insurance company.  If you then post online about physical things you do, such as play sports, or physical recreation activities, that can help to undercut your case.    The reason is because you are claiming personal injuries from the accident, but your social media presence may indicate you are able to do physical activities.  Similarly, if you have a claim for a broken leg from a motorcycle accident and you post online pictures of you and your family in the Caribbean, it may raise some eyebrows.  That is because insurance companies and their lawyers jump on these things in order to question whether or not you truly were injured in the accident.

Also, during litigation, insurance defense lawyers with a fine tooth comb will probe your social media accounts for any indication that you are exaggerating your injuries. They will send interrogatories designed to elicit as much information as possible on all social media accounts you have. They also will during your deposition ask you about any social media posts or photos that cast doubt on your claimed injuries.  They likely will have computer printouts ready to show you, in order to confirm the social media posts are in fact yours.

If you have an open insurance claim for your injuries, be sure to never, ever post anything on social media that will come back to haunt your case.  After all, anything posted online will likely be there forever.  and on’t post anything at all online that can come back to haunt you.

Be sure to contact us if you need help with your personal injury or workers’ compensation claim and don’t post anything at all online that can come back to haunt you, whether or not you have a claim pending with an insurance company.