Slip And Fall On Black Ice Settlement

This week we here at the Law Office of Christopher Earley were able to secure a slip and fall on black ice settlement for a client for $125,000.  Our client slipped on black ice in a parking lot.  He suffered a very serious ankle fracture (trimalleolar).

He would be rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery because he needed the installation of hardware to stabilize the broken bones (open reduction internal fixation) in his ankle.  The hardware was quite painful so our client had a second surgery to have the hardware removed.

Our slip and fall lawyers in Boston brought a lawsuit against the responsible parties.  After extensive discovery, the parties agreed to proceed to mediation to try to settle the case.  With the help of a skilled mediator, the case settled for $125,000.  This settlement provides our client with pain and suffering compensation for the massively painful personal injuries he sustained in the fall.

Boston Slip and Fall Lawyer

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