Should You Talk With The Insurance Company After An Accident?

If you recently had an accident, you may be getting phone calls from an insurance adjuster. Maybe you are receiving confusing paperwork that you are being asked to sign? Maybe the adjuster is pressuring you to sign a release? But something does not feel quite right. If you are wondering should you talk with the insurance company after an accident, the answer is a resounding no. Here is why.

No matter what type of accident you had, the insurance adjuster is not on your side. Regardless if the accident was an automobile crash, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, workers’ compensation accident, or some other accident, you should not speak with the insurance company.

The adjuster contacting you is likely very nice to you and seems to care about you. Don’t fall for this trap. He is only focused on getting your case settled as quickly and cheaply as possible. He wants to do this before you hire a personal injury lawyer. That is because the adjuster knows very well that once you hire an attorney for the accident, the insurance company will have to pay out to you a much higher settlement.

Do yourself a huge favor and don’t speak with any insurance adjuster until you have at least received a free consultation with an attorney. Plus, if you higher a lawyer, he only gets paid if your case settles. That is called a contingency fee. Studies have shown that even after your attorney receives his fee, you will still end up with more money than had you handled the case on your own.