Should You Sign An Insurance Company Release After A Car Accident?

For many of us, at some point in time we will be involved in a car accident. They can take the form of a minor rear-end accident that does not result in injuries, to a more serious wreck that causes personal injuries. Frequently, the full extent of injuries suffered in these accidents can take time to truly develop and present themselves.

Many times after a car collision in Massachusetts the insurance company for the at-fault driver will want to wrap up and settle your claim as quickly as possible. The way they accomplish this is through deception. The insurance adjuster calls you and seems to really be nice, and seems to want to “do right.” This is all a game. The insurance company does not care about you or your claim. They want to get your case settled for as little money, as quickly as possible. They way they do that is by presenting you with a release.

Be sure to never sign a release before having it reviewed by a car accident attorney near you. That way, you can avoid the mistake of settling your case for short money, only to discover that your back or neck pain is not going away. Maybe you even need injections, or even surgery? Maybe you end up developing herniated discs? You don’t want to sign a legal document, accept $ 500.00, only to discover your case is much more serious than previously imagined. This applies to not only automobile crashes, but with slips and falls, motorcycle accidents, and all other personal injury claims.

Car Accident Lawyer In Boston

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