Should I Hire A Lawyer For My Accident?

If you have been negligently injured in an accident, you may be considering whether you should hire an attorney.  It is wise to have representation for a number of reasons, no matter what type of accident you had.  Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to have a lawyer for different types of personal injury cases:

Workers Compensation Cases

If you were hurt at work, you should have an experienced workers comp lawyer on your side.  The attorney will know the benefits you are entitled to, and how to get the insurance company to pay them.  The attorney will also know the court procedures and forms that are part of the legal process at the Department of Industrial Accidents.  This is a very specialized area of law and I would not recommend going to this court, and or any court for that matter (except Small Claims Court), without legal representation.

should I hire a lawyer for my accident?

Car Accident Cases

For car accident cases, if you were not injured and only have a property damage claim, then you likely do not need an auto accident lawyer.  However, if you were injured, you should hire an attorney.  The reason is that an attorney knows how to effectively communicate with the insurance adjuster, how to negotiate, and how to settle a case for full and fair money for a client.  Also, if the offer made by the insurance company is too low, the attorney will know how to properly file a lawsuit for you.

Slip and Fall Cases

If you experienced injuries from a slip and fall accident, you should hire an attorney because these cases can be quite challenging.  The most important thing to establish with these cases in liability.  Unless liability can be shown, the case will go nowhere.  An experienced slip and fall attorney knows about issues such as notice, mode of operation, causation, damages, etc.  It really pays to have a lawyer for this type of case.  In fact, you should have a lawyer for all types of premises liability accidents.

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