Settlement For Client Injured In Car Accident

A large part of our Boston personal injury law practice involves representing people injured in motor vehicle accidents due to no fault of their own.  These cases include improper left-turns, rear-end accidents, improper lane changes, distracted driving, and other causes of car accidents.

In a recent motor vehicle accident case, our client, an elderly woman, was being transported in a van along with other passengers. The driver of the van was driving at a high-rate of speed.  The van struck a pothole, causing our client to be violently moved in her seat.  As a result, she sustained a serious burst fracture to her spine.  This required her to undergo serious and extensive medical treatment.  She would incur substantial medical bills.  She was prescribed a walker to help her ambulate while her spine healed.

Our client only speaks Spanish.  We were able to secure a written statement from another passenger, who also spoke Spanish, which confirmed the driver was driving too fast.

This case settled amicably with the van’s insurance company for $70,000.  Thankfully we were able to settle the case without having to put our client through the car accident litigation process.