Scarring From Personal Injury Accidents

Personal injury events can cause a variety of possible injuries ranging from moderate, to severe, to even wrongful death. Scarring is an injury that arises frequently from accidents. They can be a permanent and lasting reminder of a painful event in one’s life.

Scarring frequently can arise from car accidents. Oftentimes broken glass can cause facial scarring. Sometimes occupants upon impact strike their head against the steering wheel.

Dog bites are another common cause of scarring from personal injury accidents. They can cause scars to any part of the body, and the type and severity  of the scar can vary. Frequently children are bitten on the face by dogs which sometimes requires revision surgery, or plastic surgery to fix. These medical procedures can be very expensive.

Scarring can also result from workers’ compensation accidents. Explosions, burns, or electrocutions can all potentially cause scarring to someone injured at work. Unlike other types of personal injury accidents, scarring from work accidents must according to Massachusetts law be on the face, hands, or neck in order to be compensable.

Compensation For Scarring Accidents

The amount of compensation someone can collect for scarring injuries depends on a a variety of factors. They include the type of scar, where the scar is located, the size and color of the scar, the age of the victim, as well as other factors. These claims generally result in substantial compensation.

Scarring Injury Law Firm

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