Safe Winter Driving Tips

Winters in Massachusetts are as long as they are treacherous.  Mother Nature each year gives the Bay State it’s fair share of freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall.  This leads to an increase in the number of accidents, including slips and falls, and especially car accidents.  Icy roads, reduced visibility and other winter weather conditions can expose drivers to danger.

Safe winter driving tips

Understanding how to safely drive in winter can lead to fewer crashes and fewer personal injuries.  Here are some safe winter driving tips:

Properly Maintain Your Vehicle

Always be sure to make sure your vehicle’s tires have adequate pressure, that your battery is adequately charged, and other routine service needs are current.  Driving in winter is hard enough. Always make sure your vehicle is in proper working order.

Always Clear All Snow And Ice From Your Vehicle 

It is not only safe to remove snow and ice from your car before driving, it is also required by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles drivers’ manual.  Take the extra time to thoroughly remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before driving.

Drive Slowly

Many drivers inexplicably fail to reduce their speed during snow and ice events. Regardless of how well you believe your car can handle bad weather conditions, always reduce your speed to avoid losing control and causing a car accident.

Keep A Proper Distance

It is imperative to always leave sufficient distance between your vehicle and the vehicles in front of you.  Poor road conditions can dramatically increase the rate of rear-end accidents so be sure to leave enough distance.

Avoid Winter Driving

If possible, don’t drive in snowy and icy weather conditions.  Stay home and avoid putting yourself and others in danger.  If you must drive in poor weather, please always drive safely.

Massachusetts Winter Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a winter weather accident, reach out to us for help. If injuries arose from negligence, then compensation may be available for medical bills and pain and suffering caused by an accident.