What Are Your Rights If You Were Injured At Work In Massachusetts?

What are your rights if you were injured at work in Massachusetts?

Many workers who get injured on-the-job want to know what rights they have.  Generally, if you get injured at work in Massachusetts, your rights are contained at MGL c. 152.  This is a series of laws that control what you can collect in workers’ compensation benefits, how much you can collect, and for how long.

Generally, as long as your injury occurred during the course and scope of your employment, then you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits in Massachusetts.

That means you are entitled to have your medical bills paid that result from the accident.  As long as the medical bills are reasonable, necessary and related to the accident, then your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company must pay them.  If they refuse to, a claim can be filed at the Department of Industrial Accidents.

You may treat with any doctor or medical professional you wish to treat with. However, your employer can require you to see a particular doctor after the accident.  Also, you must attend an independent medical exam (IME) if the insurance company schedules one.  They will though provide transportation to and from the visit upon request.

If you miss at least five days from work (they don’t have to be consecutive) then you can collect workers’ comp benefit checks.  If you are temporarily totally disabled, your benefit check will be 60% of your average weekly wage.  If you are temporarily partially disabled, then you may collect 75% of your temporary total disability rate.

Please note you may not sue your employer in Massachusetts if you had a work accident. You may file for workers’ compensation, but if there is no 3rd party responsible for your injuries, then you may not file a lawsuit.

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