Recent Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Our office handles a large amount of workers’ compensation cases. These cases involve people sustaining personal injuries at work. Many of these claims result in settlements for these workers. Here are some recent workers’ compensation settlements our office has achieved for our clients.

1 – Our client was working as a cook in a kitchen. He one day picked up a heavy pot which resulted in a serious onset of back pain. He continued to work but then had to stop because the pain was too much to handle. The workers’ compensation insurance company for his employer denied the claim. We filed the claim at the Department of Industrial Accidents and convinces the insurance company to begin our client benefits. Later, we were able to lump sum settle the case for our client for a confidential sum.

2 – Our client was working on a construction site when he injured his shoulder. He had to stop working due to the pain and had to have surgery for his torn rotator cuff. He needed eventual surgery. The insurance company stopped paying our client his weekly workers’ compensation checks so we filed a claim for him. Eventually we were able to obtain a lump sum settlement for our client for a confidential amount.

3 – Our client was injured at work. She was only out of work for a brief time, and then began working for a different employer. We were able to convince the insurance company to enter into a Section 19 agreement that paid our client retroactive workers’ comp checks for the closed period of time she missed from work due to her injuries.

If you were injured at work, the Law Office of Christopher Earley can help you with your claim. Call us today for your free consultation.