Recent Boston Personal Injury Settlements 

We are here to get results for our clients. That is what our clients expect and it always feels good to get a good result or settlement for a client. Here are some recent personal injury settlements the trial lawyers at the Law Office of Christopher Earley have recently obtained:

1 – Our client was injured in the parking lot where she lives. She slipped and fell due to snow that had not been properly removed from the parking lot. She suffered a broken leg which required surgery. The case settled for a confidential sum.

2 – Our client was injured where she rents an apartment. She was injured when she opened up a door and fell into a hole in a staircase as she was never notified or warned that there was repair work being performed to the staircase. The case settled for a confidential sum.

3 – Our client was injured in a motor vehicle accident. She injured her neck and back, but also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The claim settled for a confidential amount. PTSD does not only result from serious and severe car accidents. Rather, depending on the individual involved, even a minor fender bender can be enough to cause someone to suffer PTSD, or it cal also trigger pre-existing PTSD.

4 – Our client went to a friend’s house. Upon entering the home she was bitten in the face by the homeowner’s dog. That resulted in minor injuries to her face, and the case resulted in a modest confidential settlement.