Reasons Why A Boston Car Accident Case Goes To Trial 

Many people who get injured in a car accident in Boston want to settle the claim, collect what they are owed, and move on with their lives.  Unfortunately, insurance companies oftentimes make low-ball settlement offers which forces people to take their case to trial. Here are some reasons why a Boston car accident case goes to trial.

Sometimes, the insurance company flat-out denies a claim. They may feel liability is not clear against the driver they insure.  In that case, you can either accept the denial, or fight it.  The way to do that is to file a lawsuit.  If after the discovery process concludes there is still not an offer, then you or your Boston car accident lawyer must try the case in front of a judge and jury.

Another reason a case may need to go to trial is if the parties cannot agree on a settlement number.  Insurance companies never like to pay people money.  Even when liability, or fault is perfectly clear, as well as the personal injuries claimed, they still will frequently fail to offer fair settlement offers.  When that happens, a lawsuit needs to be filed.  As is the case when liability is denied, the case can still settle after the case is filed in court during the discovery phase of the lawsuit. 

The reasons apply not just to car accidents, but also to bicycle accidents, truck accidents and all other types of motor vehicle accidents, as well as slip and fall claims, too.

Boston Car Accident Trial Attorney

There potentially are other reasons why a Boston car accident case goes to trial.  If you find yourself with a denied claim, or an unfair settlement offer, I encourage you contact us today for your free consultation.  We only get paid if we are successful in resolving your case.