Reasons To Change Lawyers For Your Boston Workers Compensation Case

Following your accident at work, you may have hired an attorney for your case.  It is of course always a good idea to have legal representation for a workers comp case.  It is important to hire a lawyer that you are comfortable with and confident can successfully represent you.  Sometimes however, the attorney/client relationship can deteriorate.

Reasons to change lawyers for your Boston workers compensation case

Just like with car crash cases, you have the right to change to a different work injury lawyer at anytime, and for any reason.  Regardless of your situation, here are some common indicators that it may be time to change lawyers:

Your attorney does not communicate with you

Clients justifiably get upset when their lawyer does not return phone calls or emails. They may feel like their case is not that important to the attorney if he/she ignores the client.  This is a common problem that dooms many attorney/client relationships.  If you feel as though your lawyer is not communicating with you, it does not mean your lawyer is not working on the case.  Perhaps ask the lawyer to communicate more frequently with you.  If that does not turn out to fix the communication problem, then it may be time to switch to a different workers compensation lawyer.

Your attorney is not experienced with workers compensation cases

It can be problematic is your attorney does not regularly practice, or have experience handling workers compensation claims.  These cases have their own set of specific laws, procedure, and even a court – the Department of Industrial Accidents – exclusively dedicated to handling workers compensation disputes.  If your find your lawyer not getting you the benefits you are rightfully owed, it may be because he/she is simply not sufficiently experienced with these cases.

Your attorney is simply not fighting hard enough for you

Many clients complain their lawyer is not aggressive enough.  Or perhaps is not fighting hard enough for the client.  Some lawyers are more aggressive than others.  If you feel as though your lawyer is not fighting hard enough for your case, then it may be time to find someone new.

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