Q & A about Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Policies

Many Massachusetts homeowners are unclear about what and to what extent they are covered under their homeowners insurance policy.  It is important for all Massachusetts homeowners to be clear about their coverages.  Some common questions homeowners typically have are:

1.  Can my insurance company cancel my policy?

2.  Does my homeowners policy cover……?

3.  What are the responsibilities of me, and my insurance company, in connection with my homeowners policy?

4.  What happens when I sustain a loss and the insurance company won’t pay me for the loss?

These and other questions are deftly answered by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance on their website.  Homeowners insurance usually kicks in when there has been property damage sustained to your home.  Or, it could be triggered if your dog bites/attacks someone and that person sustains injuries.  I recommend, as I do with auto insurance in Massachusetts, that you purchase as much insurance as you can afford. 

As always, please contact me with any Massachusetts insurance questions you may have.