Possible Reasons Why No Attorney Has Taken Your Massachusetts Car Crash Case

Unfortunately, I, like most attorneys, have to decline cases from time to time.  The decision to decline a case can be based on one, or many different factors.  Each attorney is different in how he/she evaluates an automobile accident claim.  Here are some factors that an attorney will look at when deciding whether to take on a car accident claim:

1) Does the person who caused the accident have enough insurance, or any insurance at all?;

2) Damages are not serious enough to justify taking on the case;

3) Fault, or liability, on the part of the person who allegedly caused the accident is too hard, or even impossible to prove:

4) Statute of limitations (three years in Massachusetts for car accidents) has passed, or is very close to passing.

These are just a few of the many considerations that an attorney looks at when deciding whether or not to take a case.  If one of the above factors applies to your case, then you may have a hard time finding an attorney to take on your case.