Pedestrians Deaths Are On The Rise

A new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) finds that in 2018, a whopping 6,227 pedestrians were killed on roadways in the United States.  This is the highest number of such deaths in nearly thirty years.  The number of these deaths has been on the rise since 2009.

The report attributes this alarming uptick to the increasing number of SUV vehicles, more and more distracted drivers, more people walking, intoxication, speeding, as well as other contributing causes.

Pedestrians’ Rights

Pedestrian struck by negligent motor vehicle operators have the right to collect monetary damages.  Whether they are struck in a crosswalk, or not, as long as they did not dart into traffic, they likely have a valid claim to pursue.

They can file a PIP claim in order to get their medical bills paid.  They can have up to $8000 in medical bills paid by the insurance company for the vehicle that caused the accident.  As well, they can collect pain and suffering money damages for their injuries, if their medical bills exceed $2000.  Whether it be strains and sprains, broken bones, or other personal injuries, they may pursue pain and suffering damages.

Boston Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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