Most Pedestrian Crosswalk Buttons In Boston Do Not Work

photo of a crosswalk

I was surprised and disappointed to learn recently that most of the pedestrian crosswalk buttons found at Boston intersections do not work.  According to the Boston Globe, the vast majority of these devices do not work.

The reason so many do not work is because the high amount of motor vehicle traffic in Boston creates traffic patterns that essentially makes the devices useless.  There are just simply too many vehicles on the roads to allow for these devices to be initiated on demand by pedestrians.

Pedestrians are struck by vehicles far too often in Boston.  We have so many residents, workers, students and tourists that are exposed to these accidents each day.  With so many vehicles, and so many pedestrians on the roads, it is imperative to keep pedestrians safe.  State lawmakers should take practical steps to enact into law measures that will keep pedestrians safe.

Far too often motor vehicles are striking innocent pedestrians and causing them to suffer personal injuries.  This subjects innocent pedestrians to injuries such as soft tissue injuries, broken bones, and even death.

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