Parking Lots and Personal Injury Accidents

Personal injury claims frequently arise from accidents occurring in parking lots.  As a Boston parking accident lawyer, I have represented many people injured in these accidents.  Understanding their cause can help to avoid these accidents in the future.  While there are so many types of situations that can cause parking lot accidents, here are some common ones:

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Parking Lots

Parking lots are frequently full of various types of vehicles.  With so many cars packed into tight spaces, accidents do happen.  Examples are cars backing up into other cars, rear end accidents due to inattention/distraction, failing to obey stop signs, etc.

Pedestrians are often struck by motor vehicles in parking lots.  They are often struck by vehicles that negligently back into them, or when they are crossing in designated crosswalks in parking lots.  These accidents can result in very serious injuries to pedestrians in parking lots.

Slips And Falls in Parking Lots

These accidents can be caused by a variety of causes.  Parking lots frequently have snow and ice that is not properly treated. This can lead to people slipping and falling and sustaining injuries as a result.

Potentially responsible parties can be the property owner, and snow removal company.  If the responsible parties do not reasonably remove snow and ice, they can be held liable for negligence.

Also, parking lot slips and falls can be caused by potholes, elevation changes, curb cuts, and other various factors.

Local Personal Injury Lawyer

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