Never Trust An Insurance Adjuster

Never trust an insurance adjuster

If you were involved in a car accident the person who caused the accident likely has car insurance.  That car insurance company assigns an adjuster to your case.  She may or may not have called you already.  If she has not called, she likely  will be soon.  You likely will receive a letter from her with forms to fill out.  Will you be ready?  If she is calling you she probably sounds really nice.  It sounds like she really cares about you.

After all, she is asking how you are doing, what kind of injuries you experienced in the car wreck.  She also may be telling you not to get a car accident lawyer.  That there is no reason to hire a lawyer since she is “going to take care of you.”  She sounds like she is on your side.  That could not be further from the truth.  This adjustet is calling you for one reason: to limit the amount of money the insurance company pays you for your accident claim.

The adjuster works for the insurance company, not you.  The insurance company is the one paying the adjuster, not you.  It is easy to see that adjuster is most certainly not out to help you in any way.

Keep in mind insurance companies are massive, for-profit companies. They are in the business of making the most money they can.  They then, when they are presented with a claim, want to pay out as little as possible.  And that makes sense.   They want to keep their money, and they definitely don’t want to pay it to you.   This is You vs. Insurance Company.  Trust is something that does not exist, and has no place in the car insurance claims process.

Always make sure to never give a recorded statement to any insurance company.  The insurance adjuster will say they just want to get a quick recording to nail down some points about the accident.  Don’t fall for this.  The adjuster has marching orders from her boss to get a recorded statement because that helps the insurance adjuster twist and manipulate the facts on how the accident actually happened.  They are trained to ask questions in very specific ways that are designed to damage your case.  Before you know it, your previous slam dunk case now has been poked with quite a few holes.  Don’t fall for it.

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