Do I Need A Lawyer For A Slip And Fall?

Do I need a lawyer for a slip and fall?

Slip and fall accidents happen in many different ways.  They happen at supermarkets, at rental properties, at work, and many other types of places.  They may be caused by liquid on the floor, snow and ice, or ceiling leaks.  These accidents also cause many different types of injuries.  Many times people that slip and fall wonder if they should hire an attorney.

They may be injured and feel the property owner is at fault for the accident.  But how do you go about pursuing the case?  These can be very challenging legal cases.  For that reason you should hire a local slip and fall attorney to help you.

It is important to know that insurance companies frequently look at these claims with an eye toward denying them.  They believe these accidents are the fault of the injury victim.  If you have a valid claim, your attorney can help establish, prove, and negotiate your claim.

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to hire representation.

An Attorney Can Help Prove Liability 

Slip and fall lawyers can analyze a case and see if the property owner is liable.  The lawyer will examine the scene, photographs, and any video that exists.  He may talk to any witnesses that saw the fall.  A good slip and fall lawyer will be able to quickly tell if a claim is valid or not.  The lawyer can decipher if the property owner acted unreasonably (negligently), in causing the accident.

A Slip And Fall Lawyer Can Help Prove Damages

Even if liability can be established, you still need to establish that your sustained injuries due to the negligence.  Personal injury attorneys are well-versed at reading and understanding medical records, and the language they contain.  They therefore can argue effectively to an insurance adjuster the exact nature of your injuries.  The attorney also can argue the degree of pain and suffering, and disability from your usual activities you experienced, as a result of the accident.

A Lawyer Can Negotiate On Your Behalf

Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators.  They negotiate claims each and every day.  They are taught strategies for limiting as much as possible they present in the way of settlement offers to injury victims.  A lawyer is a negotiator by trade.  Having a lawyer on your side ensures you have an expert negotiator on your behalf arguing your case with the insurance adjuster.  This pays off quite a bit when it is time to settle the case.

Local Slip And Fall Lawyer

Whatever type of slip and fall accident case you experienced, we likely have handled a case just like yours in the past.  Instead of trying to handle the case yourself, call us.  We would be happy to give you a free case evaluation to see if your case is worth pursuing. Call the Law Office of Christopher Earley today for help.