Neck And Back Injuries From A Boston Car Accident

Neck and back injuries from a Boston car accident

Many people unfortunately suffer injuries from a motor vehicle collision.  Sometimes the injuries are minor and sometimes they are severe.  Neck and back injuries from a Boston car accident are quite common.

Cervical spine or neck injuries from a car accident are typically strains and sprains.  These are referred to as soft tissue injuries.  Whiplash is a very common neck injury caused by car crashes.  Many people need to go to the hospital and receive x-rays for neck pain after an accident.  With anti-inflammatories and proper rest, these injuries typically heal without lasting effects.

Frequently neck injuries can be assisted with the help of a chiropractor or physical therapist.  If there are more serious injuries, then an orthopedic doctor may be needed.  For very serious neck injuries, such as a herniated disc, or neck fracture, then injections and even surgery may become necessary.

Back injuries are also really common after a car accident.  As with neck injuries, many people with back pain following a crash will go to the hospital and receive x-rays, and they may be prescribed medication. They may have to go to their primary care physician.  The PCP may refer the patient to a chiropractor or physical therapist for further treatment.  Usually back injuries heal on their own,  but other times more invasive measures are needed.

Boston Neck And Back Injury Lawyer

If you suffered either neck or back injuries from a car accident in Boston, call the Law Office of Christopher Earley today.  We are highly experienced with these cases and have successfully handled hundreds of the cases over the years.