The Most Common Personal Injury Accidents in Boston 

Boston sees its fair share of accidents. Like with any major city, filled with so many people in a small, condensed area, accidents are going to happen. Some of these are due to negligence, while others are not. Here are some of the most common personal injury accidents in Boston.

Motor Vehicle Accidents 

These are far and away the most common type of accident in Boston. These involve

not only car accidents, but other accidents such as bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, etc. These happen so often in Boston due to the high number of people, and vehicles, navigating crowded streets.

Frequently these crashes are due to negligence. Negligence is a legal concept which means someone failed to act reasonably in a given situation, which caused personal injuries to someone.

Slip & Fall Accidents 

While not as common as motor vehicle accidents in Boston, these accidents do happen quite frequently. Many times they involve slipping and falling on snow or ice. This can happen in parking lots, on city sidewalks, in stores, inside or outside of apartment buildings, etc. As is the case with motor vehicle accidents, sometimes slip and fall accidents are due to negligence.

An example would be when a business owner fails to clear snow and ice away from its entrance, and sometime slips and falls as a result. Or, if someone falls due to spilled or broken merchandise, then the store may be considered liable for the injuries sustained.

Workers’ Comp Accidents

Since almost everyone works in some capacity, injuries at the workplace are a very common occurrence. They can happen from car accidents and slips and falls, but also through countless other possible ways. Following a work injury, the injured employee may pursue a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. These include payment for lost wages, medical bills, and other possible benefits.

Dog Bites

These accidents are not as common as the others listed above, but they do occur frequently. It is not uncommon for dog bite accidents to cause very serious injuries such as scarring and disfigurement. Sadly, children are often the victims of these attacks. The owner of the dog is automatically liable to anyone that is injured by his dog.