More on PIP No-Fault Benefits in Massachusetts

What medical bills does your auto insurance company have to pay following your Massachusetts auto accident?  They have to pay for your "reasonable and necessary" expenses for medical, surgical, x-ray and dental services, prosthetic devices, and ambulance and hospital bills.  Only bills incurred within two years following your Massachusetts car accident will be paid.  it is imperative that you first complete and submit a PIP (Personal Injury Protection) application to your insurance company (please have a lawyer review it before you send it in).  Then, you must submit of all your medical bills following the accident to your insurance company for payment.  Remember, your insurance company, under Massachusetts law, is only required to pay up to $8000.00 for your medical expenses.

Also, be aware that lost wage payments are also available under PIP.  Your insurance company will pay for 75% of your lost wages incurred following your Massachusetts car accident.  But, be aware that the $8000.00 I mentioned above applies to both medical bills and lost wages.  Therefore, if your medical bills are $8000.00, you will likely not see any lost wage payments from your insurance company.

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