More on Depositions in Massachusetts Personal Injury Cases

If your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer is unable to settle your personal injury claim with the relevant insurance company, then he/she is going to have to sue the person who caused your injuries, and the insurance company that insurers that person.  Sometimes after suit is filed but before depositions are taken, your Massachusetts personal injury case may settle.  But sometimes, the case does not settle and you will have to be "deposed" by the attorney(s) that represent the person who caused your injuries.

The deposition is extremely critical in determining the future success, or failure of your claim.  It is most important that you PREPARE THOROUGHLY for your deposition.  Well how do you do that?  Your Massachusetts personal injury attorney should provide you with copies of the interrogatories and documents that your attorney provided to the other side earlier in the lawsuit.  Review these responses and documents as the adverse attorney may try to ask you questions from these in hopes of "trapping" you in an inconsistency.

Also, review all the facts of the accident (date, time, etc.), and documents such as your medical records, medical bills, the police report, and any other documents which will assist you having a solid understanding of your case.  The best deponents are prepared deponents.

The next best thing to do is to relax, and just answer the other attorney’s questions honestly and to the best of your ability, and your Massachusetts personal injury deposition will go smoothly.