More on Contingency Fees

To follow-up on the discussion of the prior post regarding contingency fee agreements, one more thing has to be stated.  Although your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer will not be paid until and unless he/she receives monetary compensation for you, he/she will deduct any expenses that were advanced.  What I mean by this is most personal injury attorneys will advance certain expenses for the client, such as the cost to obtain your medical records, medical bills, and if applicable, the filing fee for the Complaint, cost of depositions, and the expenses of hiring experts.

While it is my policy to advance almost all costs, some attorneys will advance only some costs.  Whatever fees your personal injury attorney advances, you will end up paying back, if you receive monetary compensation for your injuries.  Thus, your personal injury lawyer will take 1/3 of the top, and then will take out, from the remainder, whatever fees he/she advanced for you.  The rest of the money goes to you.