More Information about “Whiplash”

Many people who have been involved in a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident suffer from "whiplash."  "Whiplash" can occur from even a low-impact motor vehicle collision.  "Whipash" is a very serious injury and I think it is important for my readers to know just how serious it can be to the body.

To that end, I found the following whiplash statistics on which reveals 8 important facts about whiplash injuries which you should be aware of:

1#. The “Threshold” for cervical spine soft tissue injury of a motor vehicle becomes a reality at 5 MPH.

2#. Most injuries occur at speeds below 12 MPH.

#3. Crashed vehicles can often withstand collision speeds of 10 MPH (some even more) without sustaining damage. (THUS: The concept of “No Property Damage – No Cash” has absolutely been invalidated)!

#4. A delay in the onset of symptoms has been found to be the “Norm” rather than the “Exception”.

#5. Mild traumatic brain injury can be the result of a Whiplash -Type injury. (These symptoms are often referred to as, “Post Concussion Syndrome”).

#6. Up to 10% of victims of “Whiplash” become totally disabled !

#7. Of the 31 important whiplash studies since 1956 (19 of them executed since 1995) regarding patients from all vectors of motor vehicle accident collision impacts (be they rear, frontal, or side) it was found that “over 60% of them” needed long-term medical follow-up.

#8. In 2003 several million Americans suffered a “Whiplash-Type” injury. This figure flows into the stratosphere each and ever day at an alarming rate of speed!

I invite you to contact me if you think you may have sustained "whiplash" injuries in a Massachusetts automobile accident.