More Information about Massachusetts Insurance Adjusters

Following your Massachusetts personal injury accident, you will at some point be contacted by an insurance adjuster.  You therefore have to know a little about insurance adjusters, and what they are paid to do.  Even if you have a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer already handling your claim for you, it is still important for you to know as much as possible about insurance adjusters.  To that end, I provide the following provided courtesy of Arizona Attorney Michael L. Cantor:

"First, set a realistic goal before you begin negotiating. This is critical. Do not begin a negotiation until you are absolutely sure that you know the full extent of your injuries and damages. If the damage has not run its course of if there is a chance of future damage yet to unfold, do not begin a negotiation. It is too early.

Second, just because an insurance adjuster calls and talks does not mean you have to talk.  Do not get into a discussion, no matter how tempted you may be to do so. Use the occasion to listen and when it’s over say, "I will think about it and get back to you." Do not say: "Let me think about it." You do not need permission to do anything in a negotiation when you have been damaged.

Third, never bid against yourself or always negotiate in turn. If you make a "demand" (an offer to settle by a claimant), then wait until the carrier makes an "offer." In other words, don’t make a demand for $15,000 at the beginning of a conversation and then at the end tell the adjuster you will take $10,000 today. All that you will have done is to PROVE to the adjuster that you are a greenhorn that can be had for a much lower price. If your demand is $15,000, wait for the carrier to make an offer.

Fourth, take your time. When you receive an offer, think about it. Do not respond immediately.

Fifth, do not listen to anything but the number. Insurance company adjusters take courses written by psychologists to use words and approaches that will give them the upper hand. They may sound nice on the phone, but these folks are professionals who eat claimants for breakfast. No matter what they say, ignore the words. The only thing that counts is the number. Once you hear the number, end the conversation: "I will think about it." Then go think about it before calling back with your responsive demand.

When you have their final offer, call me to come in and discuss it to see if I can obtain more for you. It will be worth your while to k now a professional has reviewed your case before you sign a release settling your case for less than you are entitled to. The fee is so small that you cannot afford to not do it."

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