More Information About Legal Malpractice

I found the following over at the DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog which provides a crisp summary regarding legal malpractice claims:

"Legal malpractice cases are ofen expensive to litigate and difficult to win.  Three conditions must exist in order to prove legal malpractice:

  •   An attorney-client relationship existed;
  •   The attorney breached a duty he or she owed to the client; and
  •   The attorney’s wrongdoing caused the client harm.

The most common reasons for a legal malpractice suit are:

  • The lawyer didn’t know the substantive law well enough;
  •   The lawyer failed to get a client’s consent  or to inform the client;
  •   The lawyer failed to calendar events;
  •   Not knowing or observing a deadline; and
  •   Insufficient discovery and/or investigation."