Mendon, Massachusetts Woman Injured in Bicycle Accident

Here is a story provided by the Milford Daily News regarding a bicycle accident that occurred on June 6, 2006 in Mendon, Massachusetts:

MENDON — A 22-year-old Mendon woman was injured yesterday afternoon at Bates and Bellingham streets after being hit by a car while she rode her bike home from work, police said.

    Gretchen Leutert, of 75 Neck Hill Road, was taken by ambulance to Milford Regional Medical Center after complaining of light pain, emergency workers said. Leutert was riding home from Just a Wee Daycare on Rte. 140, police said.

    Leutert’s black mountain bike suffered serious damage, its front tire trapped underneath the car’s front right wheel, and its pedal lodged deep in the sedan’s grill.

    "I usually come (to the scene) after it’s already done," said Poirier, admittedly shook up after seeing Leutert knocked 20 feet through the air before landing on her head. "She went flying, and I got on the radio and called for an ambulance and a cruiser."

    Poirier, who saw the accident after leaving a detail job on Rte. 140, was the only witness to the 3:30 p.m. collision.

    Poirier said he and the cyclist were traveling west on Bellingham Street when he noticed Craig’s Chevrolet sedan roll through the Bates Street stop sign, accelerate and run into the bike.

    Poirier estimated Leutert was knocked 20 feet from the point of impact to the ground. "She spun and landed face down," Poirier said. "It’s a good thing she was wearing a helmet."

    Leutert was wearing pants and other than a bloody nose, had no visible injuries, Poirier said.

    A Milford Regional spokesman did not return calls yesterday afternoon seeking Leutert’s condition, or whether she had been released.

    Mendon Police and Fire, Hopedale Fire, and the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council Reconstruction Team responded to the accident.

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