Massachusetts Third-Party Negligence and Workers’ Compensation

Many people in Massachusetts are injured at work.  When that happens, a workers’ compensation claim is made.  But sometimes, there exists the possibility of bringing a third-party claim for negligence if someone other than your employer caused your injuries.  This often happens when you are out driving, for work-related purposes, and someone injures you in a Massachusetts car accident.  In that instance, you have both a workers’ compensation claim, and a possible third-party negligence claim against the driver(s) who caused the car accident.

I received a call this week from a client who slipped and fell where she worked.  The slip and fall accident was caused by a third-party who was responsible for cleaning the floors where the client worked.  She already had a workers’ compensation claim filed, but she had no idea she could sue the third-party that caused her injury.  She suffered a seriously fractured wrist, and she had no idea she could sue the third-party for negligence.

The lesson here:  if you have been injured at work, you may have a valid Massachusetts workers’ compensation claim.  But remember, you may also have a negligence claim is someone other than your employer caused your injuries.

I invite you as always to contact me with any Massachusetts personal injury questions you may have.

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