Massachusetts Slip and Fall Accidents and Expert Testimony

Massachusetts slip and fall cases are tough to prevail on.  This is often due to the fact that the victim is often blamed for the accident.  The attorney must establish that that is not the case, or must at least establish that the accident was the fault of a third-party as well.  That third-third party is in these cases the owner of the premises.  It needs to be shown that there existed a defect on the property where you fell, and that the owner unreasonably failed to prevent your accident from occurring.  The way to do that is through an expert.  There are actually experts who specialize in slip and fall accidents who are able to determine, using scientific principles, how the accident happened.

These experts are expensive.  If they are asked to testify at your Massachusetts personal injury trial, they can cost a few thousand dollars for one day in court.  All in all, the best Massachusetts slip and fall cases are those where liability on the part of a property owner has been established by an expert trained in this field of science.  Good luck with your Massachusetts slip and fall case.

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