Massachusetts Slip and Fall Cases and Trespassers

Many people are injured in Massachusetts slip and fall accidents.  These accidents can include slips and falls on ice and snow, on slick substances, spills, etc.  The question often posed is can a trespasser injured in a Massachusetts slip and fall accident recover?  The answer is that the trespasser usually cannot recover.  But there is an exception:  if it can be shown that the landowner, in maintaining a dangerous condition on his property acted so outrageously in not fixing the dangerous condition (he knew people could be injured but he did nothing to correct it) then a trespasser may be able to recover for injuries stemming from a Massachusetts slip and fall accident.

Remember, if you have ever been injured in a Massachusetts slip and fall accident, it is always wise to send a letter, promptly, to the landowner informing him of the accident and the fact that you were injured.  This serves to put the landowner on notice that you are bringing a claim for personal injuries.

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