Massachusetts Slip and Fall Accidents and Unpaid Medical Bills

In Massachusetts, if you have been involved in an automobile accident your medical bills (up to $8000.00), and your lost wages (up to 75%), will be paid by your automobile insurance carrier.  But, for those involved in Massachusetts slip and fall accidents, who do not have health insurance, medical bills will be left unpaid.  The medical providers that treated you after your Massachusetts slip and fall accident will establish a lien on any settlement or verdict monies you receive as a result of your accident.  Why?  Because your providers need to make sure that they do get paid, and a lien provides them with that security.

Massachusetts slip and fall claimants without health insurance often are sent collection notices from debt collection agencies.  That can be very disconcerting and upsetting.  Your Massachusetts slip and fall medical bills will ultimately be paid if your case settles, or if you win a Massachusetts jury verdict.  When you receive collection notices, send them to your Massachusetts personal injury attorney.  Your attorney will be able to – assuming he/she is savvy – significantly reduce the amount of your outstanding medical bills through negotiations with your medical provides.