Massachusetts Personal Injury Claims Against the MBTA

Many people are injured each and every day on the MBTA.  Accidents such as slips and fall and motor vehicle accidents make up the bulk of claims filed each day against the MBTA.  Personal injury claims against the MBTA are different than claims against private persons.  Here are some things to keep in mind if you have been injured in a personal injury accident on the MBTA:

1.  There is only a two year statute of limitations for claims against the MBTA;

2.  These claims are often vigorously contested by the MBTA; no matter how strong the claim is;

3.  These claims take a long time to resolve because the MBTA is understaffed and backed-up with many cases;

4.  The MBTA, as a "common carrier," has a higher legal duty of care to follow than you and I do;

5.  Even if you have settled your claim with the MBTA, is may take many months before you see any money because the State only gives the MBTA money a couple times a year.

Good luck with your MBTA personal injury claim!

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