Massachusetts Personal Injuries From Intentional Acts

Most Massachusetts personal injury claims are based on negligence.  For example, if you have been involved in a Massachusetts car accident, the driver who caused your injuries may be found to be negligent.  Or, if you have a Massachusetts slip and fall claim, the property owner may be found liable based on negligence principles.  Both of these examples have one thing in common: they are based on and arise from negligent or "unreasonable" conduct.

But you can also have a Massachusetts personal injury claim if someone intentionally injures you.  For example, (and this is based on a real case) if you are in a taxi cab and the driver turns around and punches you and injures you, you can sue him for personal injuries.  His conduct was intentional.  You can sue him for all damages that his intentional act caused to you.  Therefore, be aware that it is not only negligent or unreasonably conduct that can form the basis of a Massachusetts personal injury case.

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