Massachusetts Pre-Trial Conferences and Personal Injury Law

After you have concluded your medical treatment following your Massachusetts car accident, slip and fall, dog bite, or whatever type of accident you were involved in, your lawyer will attempt to settle your injuy claim with the insurance company.  If your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer is unable to settle your Massachusetts injury claim, then he/she will have to file a lawsuit.  The moment the Complaint is filed in court, is the moment in time when the lawsuit officially begins.  Later on down the road, if your case still has not settled, your lawyer will attend a pre-trial conference on your behalf. 

The purpose of the pre-trial conference is to see, first, if the case can be settled without going to trial.  If settlement does not occur – which is often the case – then the parties will agree to a trial date, as well as other matters such as what witnesses will testify at trial, what exhibits will be entered into evidence, etc.

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