Massachusetts PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Information

Your PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits are paid through your Massachusetts auto insurance carrier.  Sometimes, however, your carrier may not pay the benefits until there is a medical record review or an IME (Independent Medical Examination) conducted.  This can upset many Massachusetts personal injury victims because after all, your PIP should be paid because that is the coverage you have paid for.  But, embedded within your insurance agreement are obligations you have such as submitting to an IME before your medical bills will be paid through PIP.

Therefore, if your Massachusetts auto insurance company does not immediately pay your PIP benefits, don’t worry, because they are not obligated to pay such benefits until you have attended an IME.

One more caveat: Bring someone with you to the IME so you have a witness there that can vouch for what was said and what was not said during the IME.   

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