Massachusetts Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle operators are at great risk to experience serious, permanent and possibly fatal injuries following a crash.  Massachusetts motorcycle accidents happen all to often.  Regardless of your experience level, it it crucial you exercise the highest degree of caution when operating your bike.  To that end I provide the following as provided by whybike.com on how you can avoid, or at least reduce the possibility of a Massachusetts motorcycle accident:

• Get professionally trained in motorcycle riding. Research shows that more than 90 percent of all riders that were involved in crashes are just self-taught or taught by friends.

• Secure your license to drive. Nearly 27 percent or one out of four motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes in 2001 was not properly licensed.

• Do not drink and ride. Those most at risk in getting into accidents are inebriated motorcyclists.

• Use helmets that meet the DOT (Department of Transportation) standards.

• Wear protective clothing – this includes goggles or sun shades for eye protection, jacket, full- fingered gloves, long pants and over-the-ankle boots.

• Make sure that your motorcycle clothing and gears are made of abrasion-resistant material, such as leather. Avoid loose, flailing clothing that could impair your vision.

• Wearing brightly colored garments may help other vehicles see/notice you.

• Proper maintenance and monitoring of your bike is of high importance. Observe proper lane positioning of your bike to further increase your visibility to drivers. Keeping a "space cushion" between your bike and other traffic should also be kept in mind.

• Avoid sharing a lane with a car since its driver may not expect you to be there or may not become aware of your presence. Most drivers look out for other bigger vehicles that they may fail to notice you instantly unless something has happened already.

• Ride according to your skill level. Never overestimate yourself.

I invite you to contact me if you have been involved in a Massachusetts motorcycle accident.

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