Massachusetts Motorcyclists Should Have PIP Benefits

Everyone is aware that driving a motorcycle can be dangerous.  Many motorcycle-related deaths occur each year on Massachusetts roadways.  However, Massachusetts insurance laws do not afford motorcycle operators the same protections afforded to automobile operators.

In a prior post I discussed PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits that are part of the no-fault automobile insurance structure of Massachusetts.  Under these PIP laws, regardless of who was at fault for the automobile accident you were involved in, your insurance company will pay the first $2000.00 of your medical bills and, a majority of your lost wages.  But in Massachusetts, PIP benefits do not apply to motorcycle operators. 

I propose that Massachusetts enact legislation which will incorporate motorcycle operators under the PIP structure so as to afford them the same insurance protection afforded to automobile operators.  Denying motorcyclists PIP coverage is tantamount to penalizing them for their respective chosen mode of transport.