Massachusetts Legal Malpractice and Personal Injury Law

Unfortunately, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers, like all lawyers, make mistakes.  After all, lawyers are human.  Sometimes, however, these mistakes are irreversible.  For example, many personal injury lawyers fail to file a Complaint for a client in a personal injury case within the Statute of Limitations.  If you (if you are representing yourself), or your attorney, does not file a Complaint within three years after the date of the accident, your claim will be rendered moot.  In other words, after three years, if no Complaint has been filed, you no longer have a claim.  Please note that not all Massachusetts personal injury cases have a three year Statute of Limitations; some have a shorter and longer period, depending on the type of action.

So, what do you do if the Statute of Limitations has passed?  The only recourse you have is to file a Massachusetts legal malpractice action against the offending attorney.  Be aware, that these actions also have a Statute of Limitations as well.

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