Massachusetts Dog Bites and Personal Injuries

Dog bites occur with alarming frequency in Massachusetts.  These accidents cause two types of injuries:  physical and mental.  The physical injuries can include lacerations, scarring, disfigurement, fractures, etc.  The mental injuries are usually many, but primarily, trauma is the common mental injury following a dog bite.

Unlike Massachusetts auto accidents and slips and falls, it is not necessary to show fault in Massachusetts dog bite cases.  All you have to do is prove that you did not in any way tease or bait the dog before the accident.  Assuming you get over that hurdle, you must still find out who owns the dog.  Then, it always helps if the dog owner has homeowners insurance because that assures that your medical expenses and lost wages will be compensated, as will your pain and suffering.  If the dog owner does not have homeowners insurance, then you must sue the owner "personally."  If the owner does not have assets, you may have a hard time getting compensation for your Massachusetts dog bite injuries.

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