Massachusetts Dog Owner Irate that Commerce Insurance is Cancelling her Coverage

The Boston Globe reports today that Mary Ellis, a Bridgewater, Ma resident, has learned that the Commerce Insurance Company will not insure her, under her homeowners policy, because her five huskies make her a risky customer.  As discussed on former posts on this blog, dog bites/attacks occur with alarming frequency.  As such, the insurance industry pays out millions of dollars each year in bodily injury claims caused by dog bites/attacks.

Most times a homeowners policy covers these situations, but according to Commerce Insurance, Ellis’ huskies are simply too dangerous to insure because they are considered to be vicious dogs.  I know there are many other dog owners in Massachusetts in a similar situation to the one that Ms. Ellis currently finds herself in.

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And check out California Attorney Jonathan G. Stein’s post on his blog where he offers an interesting perpective on this story.  His blog can be found here.